{'body': u' New in 75243All pics taken tonight serious inquires
text (972) 534-6392Can travel for right personNo explicit text or pic collectors ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9725346392'], 'createdon': 1508462100, 'pid': 24459858, 'phone': '9725346392', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135898878, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135898878, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'ba34548678a7a01b1b0fcb4797d5ec08', 'post_id': 24459858, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'b/a/3/4/ba34548678a7a01b1b0fcb4797d5ec08', 'full_path': 'b/a/3/4/ba34548678a7a01b1b0fcb4797d5ec08'}], 'id': 24459858, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '972-534-6392', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f4a6 Chocolate mixed goddess \U0001f36b\U0001f4a6\u2614 ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'635 east and Central expressway, Dallas, Fort Worth', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 1
Thu. Oct. 19
{'body': u' \U0001f44cHi gentlemen are you ready to see me !!
\u255a\u2557\u2554\u255d \U0001f6081st Day\U0001f608
\u2554\u255d (\xaf`v\xb4\xaf)
\u255a\u2550 MaKING YoU Enjoy !!\U0001f600And EVERYTHING

\u2605 \U0001f4af% What you see is what you get!
\u2605 \U0001f4af% SENSUAL + EROTIC
\u2605 \U0001f4af% REAL YOUNG & SEXY Haley\u2796 \u2611 Great Attitude \u2611 Beautiful Face
\u2611 Sexy Body \u2611 Clean \u2611 Classy \u2611 Skilled

!!!!NO BLOCKED CALLS!! Gentleman only \u260e\ufe0f\u260e\ufe0f--2146056098--\u260e\ufe0f\u260e\ufe0f \U0001f4f2 \uff08no AA) thanks ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2146056098'], 'createdon': 1508462040, 'pid': 24443053, 'phone': '2146056098', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135793540, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135793540, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '2a4a1d57e25e877753da84c2cfc8fc3f', 'post_id': 24443053, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '2/a/4/a/2a4a1d57e25e877753da84c2cfc8fc3f', 'full_path': '2/a/4/a/2a4a1d57e25e877753da84c2cfc8fc3f'}], 'id': 24443053, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-605-6098', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f334 \U0001f49cHawaiian\U0001f48eNative Mixed\U0001f618 Dr\U0001f60dp DeaD Gorgeous \U0001f46f \U0001f451Gentlemen Fav.\U0001f49b Slice Of Kream Pie \U0001f370\U0001f370 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'635 and 75 coit rd, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 2
{'body': u" \xb0\u2022\u2605\u2022\xb0\xb0 Hello Gentlemen\xb0\xb0\u2022\u2605\u2022\xb0\xb0

I'm Katie.....\U0001f48b

Looking for the Perfect Playdate?

Look no further. I'm the Bachelor's Best Friend & the Married Man's Best Kept Secret

Real Discreet, Real Fun, Real Professional!

I cater to the well mannered, upscale gentlemen who know how to appreciate a lady like myself. Clean, Unrushed, Five Star

Safe Service Only \u274c\U0001f4a5

\u274e(No Cheap Men) \u2705 Serious Calls Only 100% REAL DEAL

Call me Now ask for Katie
(4696323703) ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4696323703'], 'createdon': 1508461980, 'pid': 24459849, 'phone': '4696323703', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135898814, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135898814, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '955aa0d9700226a252618bf132787490', 'post_id': 24459849, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '9/5/5/a/955aa0d9700226a252618bf132787490', 'full_path': '9/5/5/a/955aa0d9700226a252618bf132787490'}], 'id': 24459849, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '469-632-3703', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f495New blonde head snow in town for the weekend\U0001f495 ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'635 and 75, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 3
{'body': u" You've had the rest now it's time for the BEST \U0001f4af \u2014\u2014\xbb \U0001f31f1OO% REAL PICS! \u2765Sweet Seductive & Intelligent .. perfect combination of sultry vixen & girl next door\U0001f4ab \xbb\u2014\u2014\xbb \u27281OO% iNdEPENdENt \u2765Always discrete & No drama! Passionate & sensual, & to keep you relaxed & coming back \U0001f3c3\U0001f3c3 \xbb\u2014\u2014\xbb \U0001f31f1OO% READY \u2765Soft skin, Spankable Bottom \U0001f351 ,\U0001f4ab No block calls \U0001f645\U0001f4de

No rushing
Clean body please
& washupifneed ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['6824122071'], 'createdon': 1508461920, 'pid': 24459844, 'phone': '6824122071', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135898786, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135898786, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'e3586248ce0d62f2e5ec3eda4c9bf5b0', 'post_id': 24459844, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'e/3/5/8/e3586248ce0d62f2e5ec3eda4c9bf5b0', 'full_path': 'e/3/5/8/e3586248ce0d62f2e5ec3eda4c9bf5b0'}], 'id': 24459844, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '682-412-2071', 'videos': [], 'title': u"CookieMonster (open24/8). Let's Eat ", 'age': 26, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'20,35, Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 4
{'body': u" If you're looking to have your wildest dreams come true and have the time of your life that you've been looking for, No need to look anymore\U0001f618\U0001f61c I will make it ABSOLUTELY memorable...\U0001f609 I am a VERY educated lady. And a VERY naughty girl in private\U0001f608\U0001f4a6\U0001f338\U0001f36f Down to earth and DROP Dead Gorgeous\U0001f924 NO GAMES! NO GIMMICKS! Let me see you now!!\U0001f618\U0001f4a6\U0001f445\U0001f36d

\U0001f380 100% Real \U0001f380

\U0001f380 100% Independent \U0001f380

\U0001f380 100% Safe, Classy & Clean \U0001f380


\u2714\ufe0f\u2714\ufe0f100% DRAMA FREE\u2714\ufe0f\u2714\ufe0f

\u2757\ufe0fSERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY \u2757\ufe0f

\u274cNO AA under 30\u274c


\U0001f4de\U0001f4de214-717-5918\U0001f4de\U0001f4de ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2147175918'], 'createdon': 1508461920, 'pid': 24459822, 'phone': '2147175918', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135898620, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135898620, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '9613eba8e49ad6920d4f4e3cd3674838', 'post_id': 24459822, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '9/6/1/3/9613eba8e49ad6920d4f4e3cd3674838', 'full_path': '9/6/1/3/9613eba8e49ad6920d4f4e3cd3674838'}], 'id': 24459822, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-717-5918', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f64cONE. OF. A. KIND\U0001f64c \U0001f4a6\U0001f48bJust Like Honey\U0001f36f\U0001f449 OUTS ONLY \U0001f448 Ask for Paige. \U0001f337\u2728im ALWAYS available\u2728\U0001f337 ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Allen , Las Colinas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 5
{'body': u' Hi its dior here
Looking for some mischief to get into tonight , pretty
Slim , brown, with the most intoxicating personality
If you want some one on one interaction text/call
No thugs
No low ballers ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4692058206'], 'createdon': 1508461920, 'pid': 24446423, 'phone': '4692058206', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135815311, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135815311, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'bd0eda5fa49130c8f3bd9f5591e5dbf7', 'post_id': 24446423, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'b/d/0/e/bd0eda5fa49130c8f3bd9f5591e5dbf7', 'full_path': 'b/d/0/e/bd0eda5fa49130c8f3bd9f5591e5dbf7'}], 'id': 24446423, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '469-205-8206', 'videos': [], 'title': u'Sweet Caramel \U0001f493\U0001f493\U0001f460\U0001f495 ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Lewisville denton', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 6
{'body': u" How are you doing tonight fellas Miss honey is in town and I'm ready to please my pictures are very real and up-to-date I'm clean and discreet and new in town. It's my last night here in Dallas why not in the weekend with me. Serious inquires only no block calls look at it you can call or text me 254 435 5267
No explicit text or pic collectors ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2544355267'], 'createdon': 1508461860, 'pid': 24459825, 'phone': '2544355267', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135898653, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135898653, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '6a748bc7cd425a396e62ec540e16b02e', 'post_id': 24459825, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '6/a/7/4/6a748bc7cd425a396e62ec540e16b02e', 'full_path': '6/a/7/4/6a748bc7cd425a396e62ec540e16b02e'}], 'id': 24459825, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '254-435-5267', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f4a6Mixed exotic honeY \U0001f36f ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Richardson', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 7
{'body': u" \U0001f44b\U0001f3fd Call Me Now While I'm available!
\u2022 In/ Out \U0001f697\U0001f4a8
\u2022No AA
\U0001f4af% ME! I don't send pics!
Tatiana <3
Call Me (469) 205-9912Or text ;) ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4692059912'], 'createdon': 1508461860, 'pid': 24453402, 'phone': '4692059912', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135858107, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135858107, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'ada14d1b24399d535c92efe337a2aef6', 'post_id': 24453402, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'a/d/a/1/ada14d1b24399d535c92efe337a2aef6', 'full_path': 'a/d/a/1/ada14d1b24399d535c92efe337a2aef6'}], 'id': 24453402, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '469-205-9912', 'videos': [], 'title': u'Back in Town <3 Tatiana ; ) ', 'age': 24, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 8
{'body': u'
\U0001f49e\U0001f49e\U0001f49e NUMBER 1 STUDIO - 972-807-9592 \U0001f49e\U0001f49e\U0001f49e
\U0001f49e\U0001f49e\U0001f49e ALL NEW LADIES IN TOWN \U0001f49e\U0001f49e\U0001f49e

\U0001f380 HOT ASIAN LADIES (Korean, Thailand)

\U0001f4de\u260e 972-807-9592 \U0001f380
\u274c\u274c\u274c 2555 Walnut Hill Ln #100 Dallas, TX 75229 \u274c\u274c\u274c
\u274c\u274c\u274c PRIVATE - SIDE ENTRANCE AVAILABLE \u274c\u274c\u274c

\u2705 NOW !! 9 AM to 5 AM Everyday

', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9728079592'], 'createdon': 1508461860, 'pid': 24434145, 'phone': '9728079592', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135738589, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135738589, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'e8e4ef8e0fb6521682f39f89e81dc433', 'post_id': 24434145, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'e/8/e/4/e8e4ef8e0fb6521682f39f89e81dc433', 'full_path': 'e/8/e/4/e8e4ef8e0fb6521682f39f89e81dc433'}], 'id': 24434145, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '972-807-9592', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1 NUMBER 1 STUDIO \ua9c2 \U0001f49e\ua9c2\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \U0001f49e\ua9c2 ALL NEW \U0001f49e HOT SEXY LADIES - 10/17/17 \ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1\U0001f49e\ua9c2 \ua9c1 \U0001f49e\ua9c2 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, \u2705\u2705\u2705\u2705\U0001f33a\U0001f33a\U0001f33a\u2705\u2705\u2705\u2705 972-807-9592 \u2705\u2705\u2705\u2705\U0001f33a\U0001f33a\U0001f33a\u2705\u2705\u2705', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 9
{'body': u"
\U0001f497 \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac \u25ba Tokyo Therapy \u2014\u2014\u2014 ( 972-589-2798 ) \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\U0001f497

\u2705\u2705 Table Shower \u2705\u2705
\u2605 Authentic Relaxation by Far East Asian Staff \u2605
\u2705 ATM machine inside

\u2705 Open : 9 am to 12 am / call us now

\u2705 10420 Plano Rd. #114, Dallas, TX 75238
\u2705 TEL: 972-589-2798 \u2705

\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014 635 Hwy (Lyndon B Johnson HWY) Exit 14 \u2014\u2014\u2014\u25ba
\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014 Drive to Plano Rd and Turn left onto New Church Rd \u2014\u2014\u2014\u25ba
\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014 and Turn left onto Plano Rd: just 2 minutes drive \u2014\u2014\u2014\u25ba
\U0001f497 various relaxation service to suit your individual needs

\U0001f497 \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac \u25ba Tokyo Therapy \u2014\u2014\u2014 ( 972-589-2798 ) \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\U0001f497

Pics are just for advertising. It doesn't mean any sensual or illegal service ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9725892798'], 'createdon': 1508461860, 'pid': 24265533, 'phone': '9725892798', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 134692542, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 134692542, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'a6ffbd8fc525611d451f93e6c62face4', 'post_id': 24265533, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'a/6/f/f/a6ffbd8fc525611d451f93e6c62face4', 'full_path': 'a/6/f/f/a6ffbd8fc525611d451f93e6c62face4'}], 'id': 24265533, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '972-589-2798', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2535397, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2535397, 'cover_path': 'a/2/8/4/a2840784fcb6bf38ce51ff9a3093dee0', 'name': '924cecf50223da744f63ed77bf408a0b', 'cover_name': 'a2840784fcb6bf38ce51ff9a3093dee0', 'video_path': '9/2/4/c/924cecf50223da744f63ed77bf408a0b', 'cover': 'a2840784fcb6bf38ce51ff9a3093dee0', 'full_path': '9/2/4/c/924cecf50223da744f63ed77bf408a0b', 'video_name': '924cecf50223da744f63ed77bf408a0b'}], 'title': u'\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f3be\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u3000NEW \u25ba BEST \u25ba CALL: 972-589-2798 \u3000\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac \U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba\U0001f6ba ', 'age': 24, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'635 Hwy (Lyndon B Johnson HWY) Exit 14, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 10
{'body': u"
\u2b1b\ufe0f\u2b1b\ufe0f\u2b1b\ufe0f\u3000\u3000BALI ASIAN SPA \u3000/\u3000 214-351-0755 \u3000\u3000\u2b1b\ufe0f\u2b1b\ufe0f\u2b1b\ufe0f

\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0\u2014\u2014 WORLD CLASS SERVICE & STAFF \u2014\u2014\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0

\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000One Try & You'll be Our VIP Guest Forever!

\u3000Our #1 Priority Is To Put a Smile On Your Face Everytime

\u3000\u3000\u3000Free Table Shower / Dream Inducing Relaxation

\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000OPEN DAILY - 24 HOURS

\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014 5 Star Level of Pampering! \u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0\U0001f4a0

\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u3000\u30002570 Walnut Hill Lane , Dallas TX 75229

Big Parking Lot / Map Quest\u2026CLICK ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2143510755'], 'createdon': 1508461860, 'pid': 23884447, 'phone': '2143510755', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 132431268, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 132431268, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'f14606f023c15fff97200b92d24c9d13', 'post_id': 23884447, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'f/1/4/6/f14606f023c15fff97200b92d24c9d13', 'full_path': 'f/1/4/6/f14606f023c15fff97200b92d24c9d13'}], 'id': 23884447, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-351-0755', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f534\U0001f534 OPEN 24HR \U0001f534\U0001f534\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583 \U0001f534\U0001f534\U0001f534\U0001f534 BEST Asian Bodyrub - FANTASIC RELAXATION \U0001f534\U0001f534\U0001f534\U0001f534 \u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\U0001f534\U0001f534\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f532\U0001f534\U0001f534 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, IRVING and FORT WORTH and DAL and DFW and DENTON', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 11

{'body': u" Dont miss out on this brunette bombshell. I'm beautiful, classy and seductive with a liitle bit of a wild side..
Let me help you seek out your inner most desiresYou will not be disappointed
100% real pic
Serious inquiries only Yours truely,
Chloe Love
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Skyla (813)853-9679 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['8138539679'], 'createdon': 1508460600, 'pid': 24331926, 'phone': '8138539679', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135103523, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135103523, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '3a487e3e642ef8def04d5623bd6dc1b5', 'post_id': 24331926, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '3/a/4/8/3a487e3e642ef8def04d5623bd6dc1b5', 'full_path': '3/a/4/8/3a487e3e642ef8def04d5623bd6dc1b5'}], 'id': 24331926, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '813-853-9679', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f ________._______ \u2665 PRETTY & PETITE \u2665 ________._______ \u2605 New Blonde; barbie\U0001f48e\U0001f451\U0001f496 ', 'age': 24, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 23
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{'body': u' 100% Pleasure Guaranteed \u2714Soft Smooth Skin
\u2714Always Clean & Prompt
\U0001f451 My Amazing Certified Skills will leave you craving more\U0001f36d
\U0001f44eno law enforcement
\U0001f44eno thugs or pimps
\U0001f44eno games
\u23f0AVAILABLE ALL HOURS \u2600\ufe0f\U0001f319
\U0001f4af FUN
\U0001f6c7Blocked Calls
\U0001f6c7No AA under 40
lovely Violet 737 202 9697 ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['7372029697'], 'createdon': 1508459820, 'pid': 24432247, 'phone': '7372029697', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135726515, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135726515, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '5fb39e4f8a97b9de2f7334389feeaea4', 'post_id': 24432247, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '5/f/b/3/5fb39e4f8a97b9de2f7334389feeaea4', 'full_path': '5/f/b/3/5fb39e4f8a97b9de2f7334389feeaea4'}], 'id': 24432247, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '737-202-9697', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2569255, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2569255, 'cover_path': '2/e/8/3/2e83441c3d3057984a2283e5b993fd61', 'name': '1118838e971507c37c81aaad9eebf110', 'cover_name': '2e83441c3d3057984a2283e5b993fd61', 'video_path': '1/1/1/8/1118838e971507c37c81aaad9eebf110', 'cover': '2e83441c3d3057984a2283e5b993fd61', 'full_path': '1/1/1/8/1118838e971507c37c81aaad9eebf110', 'video_name': '1118838e971507c37c81aaad9eebf110'}], 'title': u'\U0001f451BEST KEPT SECRET\U0001f440\U0001f60d\xa7weet \U0001f4a7Tight Thick Babydoll\U0001f451 \U0001f48eAvAi\u2113Ab\u2113\u03b5\u279c\U0001f3eaN0W\U0001f3ea ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'35&635, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 26
{'body': u' UNDER NEW MANAGMENT ! !!


(214) 875- 7395

11407 Emerald st. Ste # 109Dallas Tx. 75229

\U0001f451 NEW FACES \u25a0\u25a0 NEW STAFF


\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0WELCOME & RELAX! \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0


Beautiful Latina Staff !


REAL PHOTOS ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2148757395'], 'createdon': 1508459640, 'pid': 23170669, 'phone': '2148757395', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 128510667, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 128510667, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '99c36bc01dfa57474c781e31dbb7eb75', 'post_id': 23170669, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '9/9/c/3/99c36bc01dfa57474c781e31dbb7eb75', 'full_path': '9/9/c/3/99c36bc01dfa57474c781e31dbb7eb75'}], 'id': 23170669, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-875-7395', 'videos': [], 'title': u'Welcome to the Hottest Only \u2668\ufe0f Best Latina Service 214-875-7395 \U0001f4af\U0001f4afREAL PICTURES \u2660\ufe0f\u2665\ufe0f Classy Babes ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'11407 Emerald st. Dallas , TX, Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 27
{'body': u" Hey Guys\U0001f44b I'm Jeselle,Im 23 years Of Age\u2764.Im Mix With Puerto Rican&Mexican\U0001f60d\U0001f48e. Let Me Be Your pleasure Papi\U0001f445\U0001f4a6\U0001f34d. I PROMISE U I Won't Be Disappointed& Will come Back For More\U0001f496\U0001f917\U0001f618

\u2606Pierced & tatted \U0001f525 \u2606Very Clean\U0001f34d\U0001f352
\u2606Very Open-minded \U0001f917\U0001f609
\u2606100%INDEPENDENT \U0001f4af\U0001f4b5\U0001f698\U0001f3e1
\u2606100%Real \U0001f4af

Si Hablo Espanol \U0001f6abNO LAW ENFORCEMENT \U0001f6c7\U0001f694
\U0001f6abNO L0w BALLERS

\u2661\u2661 TEXT ME IF INTERESTED\U0001f4f2
214-791-4017 in Irving ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2147914017'], 'createdon': 1508459400, 'pid': 24395712, 'phone': '2147914017', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135498933, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135498933, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '0b2a4838f544b63e8960ececb7ed05e9', 'post_id': 24395712, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '0/b/2/a/0b2a4838f544b63e8960ececb7ed05e9', 'full_path': '0/b/2/a/0b2a4838f544b63e8960ececb7ed05e9'}], 'id': 24395712, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-791-4017', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f49b\U0001f499\U0001f499\u2764\u2764\u2728\U0001f525Big Booty\U0001f48b Puerto Rican/Mexican\U0001f48b\u2728\U0001f525LETS PLAY \U0001f618\U0001f4a6\U0001f445\U0001f49b\U0001f49b\U0001f499 ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Irving Tx', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 28
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\u2714AMAZING skills
\u2714REAL PICTURES \U0001f4f8
\u2714CLASSY \U0001f451\U0001f460\U0001f484

Call me now Chloe\U0001f4f2412-219-3508 AVAILABLE NOW

Completely Safe!!! Very Discreet, Top Notch, Well Maintained\ue13f\U0001f6c0\U0001f6bf, \U0001f36d\U0001f36c\U0001f352\U0001f353 I love mature, genorous men \U0001f60dIf it ain't me, it's free \U0001f4af

\u2728\ue32eFun, Friendly, & Loving
\u2728\ue32eNever In A Rush \ue418\U0001f618

\u2716No blocked callers
\u2716No Law Enforcement

", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4122193508'], 'createdon': 1508459220, 'pid': 24434138, 'phone': '4122193508', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135738554, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135738554, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '2dab3e6e814565695536734004eb2349', 'post_id': 24434138, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '2/d/a/b/2dab3e6e814565695536734004eb2349', 'full_path': '2/d/a/b/2dab3e6e814565695536734004eb2349'}], 'id': 24434138, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '412-219-3508', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f31f\U0001f31f\U0001f31f\U0001f31f \U0001f4ab\U0001f48b\U0001f4abB E A U T I F U L\U0001f4ab\U0001f48b\U0001f4ab \U0001f31f\U0001f31f\U0001f31f \U0001f4ab\U0001f48b\U0001f4ab UPSCALE \U0001f4ab\U0001f48b\U0001f4ab \U0001f31f\U0001f31f\U0001f31f \U0001f4ab\U0001f48b\U0001f4ab P L A Y M A T E \U0001f4ab ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Frisco and Plano my place', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 30
{'body': u" \u2728Looking for the perfect Provider? Look no further I'm right here... Fun, & fulfilling!

\U0001f451\U0001f338\xa0\xa0Paris \U0001f338\U0001f451
701-491-7619 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['7014917619'], 'createdon': 1508459160, 'pid': 24451450, 'phone': '7014917619', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135846580, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135846580, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'c09db4c6ed28bfcd2dc196f1394e4cc5', 'post_id': 24451450, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'c/0/9/d/c09db4c6ed28bfcd2dc196f1394e4cc5', 'full_path': 'c/0/9/d/c09db4c6ed28bfcd2dc196f1394e4cc5'}], 'id': 24451450, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '701-491-7619', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\xdf\xe5rb\xa1\u0119 #1 VERIFIED \U0001f451 SweeT \xa9h\U0001f17e\xa9l\U0001f170tE\U0001f51d-R\u03b1\u2020\u03b5d\U0001f4a6\U0001f449u\u2113ti\u2133\u03b1t\u03b5 \u03c1\u2113\u03b1\u03b3m\u03b1t\u03b5\U0001f4f1c\u03b1\u2113\u2113 m\u03b5 \u03b7\u03c3\u03c9\U0001f380\U0001f4af ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, \U0001f48b\U0001f48b', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 31
{'body': u" Hello gentleman,\xa0
I am an upscale bombshell looking for a playful and adventurous time. I'm very passionate and have a fun personality with style and class!

\xb0Available for mature, respectful gentlemen.\xa0
\xb0Professional & discreet companionship provided.\xa0
\xb0Non-rushed fun filled time spent w/ me.\xa0
\xb0100% drama-free Very safe, clean, & discreet.\xa0
Serious callers please & thank you.\xa0
Yes, I am Independent!

312 485 5363 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['3124855363'], 'createdon': 1508459040, 'pid': 24334622, 'phone': '3124855363', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135119861, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135119861, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'c7ea8027ca89b083cc24d4c798aaff77', 'post_id': 24334622, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'c/7/e/a/c7ea8027ca89b083cc24d4c798aaff77', 'full_path': 'c/7/e/a/c7ea8027ca89b083cc24d4c798aaff77'}], 'id': 24334622, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '312-485-5363', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\u2665\u2764\ufe0f\u2728\U0001f48b\u2665 Classy, Upscale, Super friendly & Drop Dead Gorgeous\U0001f48b\u2665 Blonde Barbie\u2665\U0001f48b \u2665\U0001f48b \u2665\u2764\ufe0f\u2728 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 32
{'body': u" NOW THAT YOU FOUND ME DON'T LOSE ME I Will knock your SOCKS OFF with MY LOOKS, My APPEAL, and ability to ENTERTAIN I aim to Please baby! I am one of a KIND & Open to Suggestions

I PR0ViDE an all about Y0U experience that y0ull remember F0REVER.You'll love My LIPS, and my sexy CURVY Irresistable BODY, that's longing for you're touch.

Lena 407 312 9846 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4073129846'], 'createdon': 1508459040, 'pid': 24010533, 'phone': '4073129846', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 133127515, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 133127515, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '552aecc0d0f71d48f07aa1ca1e2b9238', 'post_id': 24010533, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '5/5/2/a/552aecc0d0f71d48f07aa1ca1e2b9238', 'full_path': '5/5/2/a/552aecc0d0f71d48f07aa1ca1e2b9238'}], 'id': 24010533, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '407-312-9846', 'videos': [], 'title': u'!!!***SeXy AsiAN PlAyMaTE***!!! ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 33
{'body': u' Call now naveh is here and ready to please seems as if ive been trained because my hottest turn on is to create your ultimate heaven and make your every wish come yo live to make you crave me

No pimps No AA
No Bait and Switch
Very Independent469 781 8219 or u can also reach me at 2147105001Tonight only call and find out I can Even come your way (;if you are r not able to come to me... ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['2147105001'], 'createdon': 1508458980, 'pid': 24415483, 'phone': '2147105001', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135621367, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135621367, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'c61fdd82b6ef9d96e8e39e82df617f35', 'post_id': 24415483, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'c/6/1/f/c61fdd82b6ef9d96e8e39e82df617f35', 'full_path': 'c/6/1/f/c61fdd82b6ef9d96e8e39e82df617f35'}], 'id': 24415483, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '214-710-5001', 'videos': [], 'title': u'naveh\u2764 your sexgoddess straight from hevan ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, MESQUITE, GARLAND,DALLAS,NORTH DALLAS', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 34
{'body': u" I am that\xa0SEXY, UPSCALE, CLASSY, SEDUCTIVE,companion who knows how to treat a man right.
The slightest touch of my fingertips will give your body the chills.
When I look at you, your heart will melt.

I am 1OO% captivating 100% REAL and 1OOO% ready to meet you! Im also attentive and want to assure your satisfaction!

Any meeting with me is memorable and usually leads to you calling back for more ;)

... call me now if you're looking for some fun...


Krystal 404 416 7523 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4044167523'], 'createdon': 1508458980, 'pid': 22148295, 'phone': '4044167523', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 122922540, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 122922540, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '606ad8cffb884e1e0f5316980b02a6fb', 'post_id': 22148295, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '6/0/6/a/606ad8cffb884e1e0f5316980b02a6fb', 'full_path': '6/0/6/a/606ad8cffb884e1e0f5316980b02a6fb'}], 'id': 22148295, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '404-416-7523', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\u2764\u27b9\u27b7\u2764\u27b9\u27b7\u2764\u27b9\u27b7\U0001f444OH SOooO DELICIOUS,\U0001f352 FuN \u2022 SiZeD\U0001f4afSeXy \u2606 BloNde \u2022\u2764\u27b9\u2022\u27b7\u2764\u27b9\u27b7\u2764\u27b9\u27b7\u2764\u27b9\u27b7\u2764\u27b9\u27b7 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Dallas, Dallas and Galleria', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 35
{'body': u' \U0001f525Lucy\U0001f525Disponible ahora mis Shulos \U0001f525
Soy una mujer muy sensual atrevida y con mucha experiencia
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Peachs 😍😘
Posted: 03:06 PM
{'body': u'

\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 Lilly \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534
(Formerly as Empire)

\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 NEW OWNER / NEW MANAGEMENT \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534

\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 ALL NEW SEXY HOT PRETTY ASIANS ARE HERE 10/14/17 \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534

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\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 972-556-1900 \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534

\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 2018 W. Northwest Hwy #B2., Dallas TX 75220 \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534
\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 (Look for the Lilly pink door) \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534

\U0001f534\U0001f534\u2014\u2014\u2014 OPEN 7 DAYS / 24 HOUR \u2014\u2014\u2014\U0001f534\U0001f534

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